Seattle's Best Coffee® began as a combination ice cream and coffee shop called the Wet Whisker on Whidbey Island west of Seattle, Washington. We purchased our first 12-pound coffee roaster from a peanut vendor on a beach in Southern California. In 1991 we entered a city-wide competition to find Seattle’s best coffee and won. We figured why not make the distinction our calling card? And thus, Seattle’s Best Coffee® became our official company name.

Flash-forward to present day and Seattle’s Best Coffee is a genuine coffee institution– one going through some genuinely exciting changes. We think the world of premium coffee is changing. And we intend to be a big part of it. We believe what people are seeking is a great tasting cup of coffee that’s simple, approachable and more fun than what’s currently out there. This means new opportunities to reach new customers and grow the brand to new heights. It’s a long way from Whidbey Island but we think everyone at the Wet Whisker would be proud.

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